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31.01.2024 04:45Anons
Noos-Sphere-ARTS.SPACE ( MAGS) moving iNTO : Noos-Sphere-ARTS.online ( February, 2024)

Dear Friends, Pleasure to Be useful for Your personal 'Independent States" and Multi-Cultural AGENDA', which we support on All Levels: Follow the "provided links" !!! We Do, appreciate Investments and Contributions into 'Independent Publishing' for the 'High-Fly' Agencies, Authors, and Great Ambassadors of PEACE, ... Open

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31.01.2024 03:40Anons

Free Lifetime Job Placement Service: We know how important finding a job abroad may be for your future teaching plans. Job placement is integral to our services. Once you successfully complete one of our courses we will assist you in finding a job abroad. When you complete your course our academic team ... Open

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26.11.2023 22:33Anons
Online disinformation : UNESCO unveils action plan to regulate social media platforms

Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO sounded the alarm on Monday about the intensification of disinformation and hate speech online, which constitutes "a major threat to stability and social cohesion". To put an end to this scourge she unveiled UNESCO's action plan, the result of extensive worldwide ... Open

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14.03.2023 16:52Anons
SUPPORT for International Tourism!!! -World Heritage and Tourism in a Changing Climate!

Multi-billion dollars industry is totally under 'sub-pressure' during summer 2020!!! WHO ( World Health Organization) did everything possible to provide 'secure' transition into Peaceful International Cooperation among more than 200 Countries!!! Future Global Cooperation is not possible without International Cooperation, and General C. ... Open

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03.05.2020 18:47Anons
International Workshop: Building together the future of heritage sites in the Balkans, 21 May, 2020!!!

International Workshop: Building together the future of Heritage Sites in the Balkans Subject: Three-and-a-half day exchange workshop about heritage sites sustainable management in the Balkans, based on case studies and shared experiences. Dates: From Monday 18 to Thursday 21 May 2020. The workshop will ... Open

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12.01.2020 23:52Events
International Day of Education 2020!

Education is a human right, a public good and a public responsibility.The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 24 January as International Day of Education (link is external)(link is external), in celebration of the role of education for peace and development. Without inclusive and equitable quality ... Open

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05.01.2020 18:14Anons
A New Mobilization Begins to Accelerate Action for People and For Planet ! ( 2020)

Unprecedented effort seeks to bring together global leaders and activists to make 2020 a super year of activism to kickstart a decade of delivery on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Today, global leaders and activists are issuing a joint call to mobilize businesses, faith communities, elected officials, ... Open

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05.01.2020 04:36Anons
Generation Equality: Realizing women’s rights for an equal future!

Imagine a world where all people have equal rights and opportunities. Women and girls are not afraid of walking home late at night, and men and boys are not trapped in oppressive masculinities. In this world, gender equality is the norm. Men and women get paid equally for work of equal value and share the care work at home. ... Open

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13.07.2019 15:04Events
Fuzhou (China) to host 2020 session of World Heritage Committee

The city of Fuzhou (China) will host the next session of the World Heritage Committee in 2020. This decision concluded the work of the 43rd session of the World Heritage Committee, meeting in Baku since 30 June.During this year’s session, the World Heritage Committee inscribed a total of 29 new sites on the World Heritage List (one in Africa, ... Open

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11.06.2019 21:26News
Multi-Linguistics in Practical Formations! Rosetta Stone Dynamic Immersion Methodology!

Speaking two and more languages rather than just one has obvious practical benefits in an increasingly globalized world. But in recent years, scientists have begun to show that the advantages of bilingualism are even more fundamental than being able to converse with a wider range of people. Being bilingual or even multi-lingual, ... Open

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