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 14.03.2023 17:48

How to Save Your Own National Cultural Traditions in Multicultural Destinations :


How to Save Your Own National Cultural Traditions in Multicultural Destinations :

~ It is One of the Biggest ’topics’ among many groups of ‘International Baccalaureate’ (IB), working for the Top level Programs in more than 200 countries.

Let’s consider one small publication, written in 2018 by John Himuka

, President and CEO at Corporate Management (JAPAN): QUOTE:

“…If your question is directed towards a Japanese, then it is not applicable.

Japan is and has always been a mono-cultural nation and never a multicultural nor does multiculturalism exist other than for academic reasons.

Another reason I assume is true is that in our ancient times when Yayoi tribal group entered Japan they massacred the Jomon tribes who were living peacefully at that time in the mainland of Japan. Yayoi people tried to force their politicking and religion SHINDO(Shintoism) to the Jomon people. This conflict of interest lead to war and Jomon people lost and few escaped to the Northern part of Japan,

If eating foods with knife and folk, listening to Hip Hop music and dancing Salsa and wearing Nike shoes is considered multicultural, maybe so but it is not a part of our culture.

Therefore multicultural agenda cannot exist in Japan because the possibility of its success is nil.

Yes, Japan is increasing entry of workers from other Asian countries but there is a cap placed on their entry visa of five years(2018) though it may be raised to ten years in total but that visa will not change into immigration status.

Japanese politicians may talk about the need of multicultural society in Japan but it will not and never will mature to a point to be debated in the House of Diet of Japan….”

Another QUOTE: by Dan Levy

, lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

“…Let me blow your mind.

There are almost no multi-cultural countries on earth.

Multi-ethnic certainly, plenty in fact. But states that parade around their multiculturalism such as Australia, U.S.A and many parts of Europe are almost completely monocultural. Society at large follows a single unified cultural identity. This identity has off-shoots and varieties but is overwhelmingly unified. Even in large populous places like the U.S.A, there is more cultural similarity between a Texan and a Hawaiian than many states in Europe and Asia.

There are people that aren’t part of the cultural majority in these states, as there are in any state. But these people will often shift their language, ideologies and behaviours to greater align with the culture at large. And whether people will say so or not, the majority of society tends to expect them to do so.

Japan will never be multicultural. There are plenty of people with foreign ancestry in Japan. Zainichi Koreans, Haafu, Latinos, and a couple of other groups from foreign countries, but a lot of these groups are either socially isolated or are rapidly assimilating into the majority “Japanese” culture.

Singapore is an example of an actual multi-cultural country. While there is a greater Singaporean identity, a lot of Singaporeans will live and speak their native languages, behave according to their native cultural identities and still be completely integrated into local society.

~ Unfortunately, we can’t completely ‘escape’ from the next step-forward in our Multi-cultural, Multi-Lateral Integration , especially in European Countries - where people speak and understand more than 3-5 languages from the very childhood, including computer ‘languages’ (PHP, HTML, HTML-5 , and many other systems).

There are lots of ‘witnesses’ of successful ‘spiritual communion’ among different religious groups and even political ‘ideologies’ ( principles) in Japan, as example:

“…Religious Principles and Architectural Ensembles (Temples) of the very Ancient Spiritual Religion SHINTO ‘sharing’ their ‘space-time-continuum’ with the new age, upgrading ‘Zen Buddhism’. Lots of Families prefer to visit ‘both’ temples, and follow main celebrations by calendar in both ‘religions’….

But, let's continue our main 'course' -inTALK' ~ about 'MULTICULTURALISM' ( Multi-Cultural Agenda), then: this level of ‘integration’ even BEYOND of the Main 10 Principles , included into this ‘particular ’Transiting and Flexible Ideology’….

1. Multi-Cultural Agenda doesn’t have anything about ‘becoming multi-religious’ - it is the biggest Ideological MIS-UNDERSTANDING!!! Everyone of us ‘arrived’ onto this ‘stage’ from some kind of previous ‘ancestors’ linage’ , imprinted in our DNA Codes. ( we can’t ‘ignore’ this ‘part’ of Our Self-Identity, by family-members status ) : So, this is ‘some ‘ kind of first ‘Principle’ : respect Your Family Traditions! Learn Your Own Multi-Nationality via Decoding ‘procedure’ of Your DNA CODES…

2. Multi-Cultural Agenda 2030 - is just about Understanding : Diversity, Human Rights, and New Pathways beyond ‘Religious Prejudices ‘…First of all : it’s about ‘Principles’ and New Diplomatic Solutions - “Building PEACE in Human Minds and WORLDS’ (lol)

3. Any Spiritual ‘IDEOLOGY” is based on specially developed ‘VOCABULARY” ( like in computer designing: we create ‘codes’ and ‘formulas’ = equal to some ‘particular effects’ ( images, visións, et) +. More than 100 years ago - some ’Tope Level Programmists’ (lol) developed for us ‘Fundamental Principles’ of Human Rights : included into conceptuality of Democracy! @ ~ Nowadays we have more than 1000 different types of ‘Democratic pathways’: Main Leading Groups among them : ( based on Cambridge University DATA) -

1) Republican Democracy - with the Head of Republican Political Party.

2) Universal Social Liberal Democracy ;

3) Communistic Social Liberal ‘Democracy (?) : with the main codex of ‘WORKERS’ and ‘OWNERS’ - in General: the word : ‘WORKER’, CO-WORKER’ arrived from German Karl-MarkX Ideology , and became a part of ‘LABOR Communistic CODEX’ : this ‘codex’ replaced the ORIGINAL UNIVERSAL IDEOLOGY : there is no ‘WORKERS and OWNERS’, but ‘SPECIALISTS’ and “SHAREHOLDERS’ ( Original Social Banking Principles)

4) LGBT (Transgender) Social Liberal Democracy (Demo-version) +++

"...All these ‘terminology’ were ’taking’ from ‘Karl-MARKX’ Communistic DATA, where the main Principles of Multi-Leveled , Integral Development , including the conceptology of: 'CAPITALISM, SOCIALISM, LIBERALISM, COMMUNISM', - were total ‘dis-integrated’, divided on different ‘social networkings’ , BUT @ are All - still the ‘elements’ of any Developed Intelligent Society. ( All 'words' finishing on 'ISM' are actualy 'virtual mental-level' VIRUSES' and bringing lots of 'Danger' to any Developed System' ))) - AGREE!
“…in Order to have High Level of COMMUNION: we need stronger 'INVESTMENT BASE', more LIBERTY for Commercial INDEPENDENT Trans-National Corporations and more priority of National Banking Systems and their SHareHolders’…it is the biggest CASE for Our STABLE Social Health Care - Support Systems “ ( DEAUTHLAND , INDEPENDENT 2021)

The previous President of the United States of America: Mr TRUMP, in his direct ’tweets’ were blaming directly and ‘at once’ multiple different ‘systems’ and social structures’ : his ‘tweets’ to Europe’ were deeply concerned about STRONG SOCIALISTIC DEMOCRACY - as a ‘Danger’ for Developed REACH Capital-LEADING -GROUPS’ (Bankers) Couple of Times His personal ‘tweets’ were directly AGAINST #FRANCE24 Main ‘Highlights’: LIBERTÈ, EGALITÈ, FRATERNITÉ ( Liberty, EQUALITY of HUMAN RIGHTS, SPIRITUAL COMMUNION)

Mr TRUMP ‘Tweets’ to CHINA : just One un-stopping ‘ BLAMING the Entire Chinese NATIONS ( National Groups) for their Leading Communistic Multi-lateral Democracy (LOL) ????? - without any specific ‘OFFERS’ for Better ‘TRANSITION’ into More DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY with Stronger Level in CAPITALIZATION ( SORRY, Take Our PARDON!) : “ Blaming without offers in Solutions - consider to be TOTALLY Un-DIPLOMATIC ACTIONS, AGGRESSIVE and DANGEROUS for any Types of Cooperation!!!... “ ( INDEPENDENT POST, New York Times, 2020)

So, summarizing the DATA: we would like to ‘HIGHLIGHT’ : the New Pathway for multi-Cultural Human Rights - is a Great New ‘Opportunity’ for Many DIPLOMATIC RESOLUTIONS. This particular ‘AGENDA’ proclaiming : TOLERANCE, but Not ‘Subordination’, STUDYING ( EDUCATION) without ‘PREACHING’ ( Philosophical Studies) ; DEVELOPMENT ( for those Who Understand True Priorities) : any CRITICS in Publishing is WELCOME, and consider to be ‘inSpirational’ , as part of Our Mutual ‘Cooperation’ ….

The Article is BASED on the Open DATA by the Main Courses of Multi-National Cooperation.

Addressing: to the Ambassadors of PEACE&Diplomatic Solutions.


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