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04.09.2022 01:49World Heritage MAG
The private sector pitches in World Heritage n°102 - June 2022

World Heritage sites require an enormous number of resources for their protection. Conservation needs are met in different ways by governments, vibrant communities, or donors of many types. But increasingly the private sector is taking action with a powerful impact on conservation and management.

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08.09.2021 05:21World Heritage MAG
Special Issue - World Heritage in China, July-September 2021

As China is home to a prodigious array of stunning natural sites and ancient cultural sites – from the iconic Great Wall and the Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries to the Silk Roads and the amazing round buildings of the Fujian Tulou, as well as the colourful landforms of China Danxia and much more -it is only normal that the country has been a staunch supporter of the World Heritage Convention and a steady contributor to its implementation.

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07.01.2020 23:39World Heritage MAG
World Heritage n°93 - November 2019 The Silk Roads

The Silk Roads encompass some of the most complex and fascinating systems in the history of world civilizations. A shifting network of roads and pathways for trade that evolved over centuries, it enabled the exchange of cargo such as silk, spices, gems, furs, but also shared art, religion and technology.

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